Services and Fee Structure


Consulting Borrowers and Lenders on Troubled Commercial Real Estate Loans                     

Loans may be in default or performing but with near-term maturities. The firm will serve as a private consultant or take the lead in negotiations. Mr. Church devoted four years to restructuring loans for a CMBS Special Servicer and portfolio loans for a major regional bank. He brings a realistic, practical, and educated approach because of his experience on the lenders' side of the table. Positive results are generated quickly when the borrower and lender speak the same language.        

Underwriting Commercial Real Estate Loans                                                                     

The firm is well versed in underwriting for banks, CMBS lenders, Fannie Mae DUS Lenders, and Freddie Mac Seller Servicers. Product types include retail, office, industrial/flex, multifamily, dedicated student housing, manufactured housing, self-storage, senior housing, hospitality, parking lots & garages, and mixed-use.

Mr. Church employs over two and a half decades of commercial real estate experience and a proprietary Excel Workbook to analyze strategies for the acquisition, disposition, and recapitalization of income-producing properties. The Excel Workbook includes scalable models for commercial, multifamily, dedicated student housing, mixed-use, senior housing, hospitality, self-storage, and parking facilities. The entire Workbook is in a state of continuous improvement.                                                      

Loan Structuring and Credit Analysis                                                                               

The firm is experienced in the development of meaningful structures for construction loans, acquisition loans, bridge loans, and permanent loans. In addition, Mr. Church is well-versed in the preparation, analysis and interpretation of schedules of other real estate owned, personal financial statements, and contingent liabilities.

Preparation of Comprehensive Borrower Loan Submissions                                                

The best way to get a loan request to the top of a lender's pile is to submit a concise but comprehensive package that addresses lender questions before those questions are asked. The firm will prepare custom loan submissions that typically include a detailed project description, an acquisition or development budget, projected draw schedules, interest reserve calculations, lease-up projections, financial proformas, modeling and valuation, demographics, competitive project analysis, sponsor data, photographs, and aerials & maps.  

The firm conducts site visits, performs lender inspections, generates market analysis, and provides critical review of third-party reports such as appraisals and broker opinions of value. As part of the critical review of valuations, the company will generate alternative scenarios and estimates of value.

Fee Structure

Fees structured by project, hourly, on monthly retainer, or on a case-by-case basis.